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Aero Maker Space

Prof. Di Leo has led the Aero Maker Space (AMS) since its inception. The AMS is a family of facilities aimed at enabling design, prototyping, and testing of any and all ideas generated by our students. We have four facilities under the umbrella of the AMS, these are Proto Works (rapid prototyping), Wood Works (wood working), Metal Works (metal machining) and Fiber Works (composites manufacturing). As well as a number of testing facilities including our low turbulence Wind Tunnel, Internal Flight Facility, and Structural Testing facility. The Aero Maker Space is also host to a number of outreach activities such as hosting the Zero Robotics Summer program, participating in the annual Latino College and STEM Fair, and participating in the Atlanta Science Fair.

Our vision is to grow the Aero Maker Space to serve as a gateway for all of the resources available to the undergraduates at GT Aerospace including our structural testing facility, indoor flight facility, and wind tunnel. Features: AE Website [link], COE Alumni Newsletter [link]

Links: Student website [link], Institute Website [link].

Diversity and Inclusion Fellow: Prof. Di Leo was selected as a 2018 diversity and inclusion fellow. Fellows are tasked with ¬†developing their own individual (or group) programs to create and cultivate safe, inclusive, and diverse environments at Georgia Tech. As part of this program, Prof. Di Leo developed the first “Makerspace Culture Workshop” which leads students through a series of exercises in which they develop their own vision and objectives of their makerspace. The wrokshop was first deployed at the AMS in April 2019, read our news post here! More details in this Poster put together for the D&I Fellows Expo.


Prof. Di Leo enjoys applying his curiosity for engineering and science to new ways of developing and improving education. Below are some projects/programs that Prof. Di Leo has been a part of.

2021 CTL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

Prof. Di Leo was bestowed a 2021 CTL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award for the development of remote teaching labs in the School of Aerospace Engineering, and development of hands-on learning experiences. Award details here. AE Press release here.

Example images showing Prof. Di Leos development of high-quality pre-recorded laboratory experiments, and lectures using at-home demonstrations.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Toolbox for Structural Analysis Education – GT-FIRE Winner

Through the Georgia Tech Funding in Research and Education (GT-FIRE), Profs. Di Leo and Rimoli were awarded a grant of $40,000 for the development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) toolboxes for structural analysis education. In particular this work seeks to understand what the impact is of using physics-based mixed reality in enhancing student’s understanding of structural design.

Class of 1969 Teaching Fellows

Prof. Di Leo was selected to be a Class of 1969 Teaching Fellow in the Fall 2017 semester. This program is designed to bring together an interdisciplinary group of Assistant Professors for pedagogically focused support and professional development. Read More.

Teaching Certificate Program

Prof. Di Leo completed the teaching certificate program offered by the Teaching and Learning Laboratory at MIT. The program is based on seeven workshops aimed at the development of teaching skills. The program includes exposure to relevant research in teaching, planning and structuring of future teaching. Completion letter detailing the program.


Society of Engineering Sciences (SES)
– Member
– Organized symposium on “Energy Materials”, July 2017.
– Organized symposium on “Computational Multiphysics Mechanics of Materials and Structures”, July 2017.
– Organized symposium on “Mechanics of electrochemically active materials”, June 2019.
– Organized symposium on “Mechanics of electrochemically active and ferroelastic materials”, June 2020.
– Organized symposium on “Mechanics of Electrochemical Systems”, 2022.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
– Member since 2012.

U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCTAM)
– Organized symposium on “Electro-Chemo-Mechanics of Energy Materials”, June 2018.
– Organized symposium on “Mechanics of Energy Materials”, 2022

– Member since 2016. Senior Member since 2020.
– Member, Committee of the Survivability Technical Committee (SURTC).