The Lab

Our facilities are a physical reflection of our work, combining spaces for theoretical, numerical, and experimental work. We are equiped with student research spaces, mechanical testing spaces, as well as a chemical wet lab with a walk-in fume hood. Our main pieces of equipment are listed below:


Instron  E3000 – Dynamic Axial/Torsion All-Electric Load Frame

– 3kN linear capacity and 25 Nm torsional capacity.
– Linear stroke of 60 mmm and a torsional stroke of up to +- 16 revolutions.
– Capable of performing at over 100 Hz
– The Lab is designed such that the E3000 will fit within the fume hood for testing of various chemicals.

3-Point Bending, 4-Point Bending, Compression Platens, Pneumatic Submersible Tensile Grips, Fluid Bath.

Spec Sheet

Instron 8874 – Dynamic Axial-Torsion Servohydraulic Load Frame

– 25kN linear capacity and 100Nm torque capacity.
– Linear stroke of 100 mm and torsional stroke of +-130 degrees

Spec Sheet

Correlated Solutions VIC-2D Digitial Image Correlation System

– Capable of non-contant 2D strain measurements.
– Set-up to measure deformations inside the fume hood when materials are deforming in various chemical solvents.

Walk-in Fume Hood and Chemical Wet lab Space Specifically designed for testing materials under exposure of various chemicals. The walk-in fume hood is designed such that the E3000 load frame may be placed within the fume hood for testing under various chemicals.


We also have a number of other instruments including various fixtures, microscopes, power sources, oscilloscopes, etc…