Paper In Nature

In Collaboration with the Greer group at Caltech, we have published a paper in Nature titled “Electrochemically Reconfigurable Architected Materials”!

This paper investigates the use of electrochemically active materials to develop reconfigurable nano-architected lattices.

Georgia Tech Press Release:

Caltech Press Release:

New Grant on Modeling Environment-Induced Cracking of Al-Mg Alloys

The M3Lab in collaboration with the Kacher Lab has recieved a new grant titled “Experimentally Validated Numerical Framework for Understanding and Predicting Microstructural Effects on Environment-Induced Cracking of Al-Mg Alloys”.

The grant is funded by the Center For Aircraft Structural Life Extension (CAStLE) from the US Air Force Academy.

Aero Maker Space Culture Workshop

Prof. Di Leo and Dr. Julie Ancis (institute diversity)  hosted the firs ever “Makerspace Culture Workshop” which was designed by Prof. Di Leo as part of the D&I Fellows Program.

During this workshop students at the Aero Maker Space participated in a series of exercises in which they developed their own vision and objectives for the culture of their makerspace. Within this framework we introduced ideas of diversity, inclusion, and bias. As part of this workshop the AMS students developed their first set of core values: “Care”, “Equal Access for All”, “Fostering Mistakes and Innovation”, and “Mentorship and Empowerment”.

Thank you also to Dr. Archie Ervin, VP for Institute for Diversity, for facilitating this!

Ben León is the 2019 Licthen Award Winner

Graduate student Benjamin Leon is the 2019 Lichten Award Winner for the paper “Ground and Flight Tests of a Cable-Driven Four-Bar Linkage Robotic Landing Gear for Rotorcraft”. The paper is authored by Leon, Rimoli and Di Leo.